Blue Box Exploding (EN)

Exploding Tardis painting – van gogh – doctor who

Blue Box exploding / TARDIS exploding.

The one of a kind original painting by Milada M. & Doctor Who & Vincent van Gogh.

This painting is inspired by TV series Doctor Who and the painting called The Pandorica Opens allegedly painted by Vincent van Gogh, which appeared in one of the episodes – The Pandorica Opens.

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Blue Box Exploding - painting – van gogh – doctor who

The painting is 90 x 70 cm (35.5 x 27.5 inch), acrylics on canvas, stretched on wooden frame, varnished with gloss varnish. Painted in 2016.

Dimensions of this painting are similar to dimensions of actual paintings by Vincent van Gogh – his most famous paintings are about 93 x 72 cm in size.
In his letters (Vincent van Gogh The Letters) Vincent van Gogh says that he usually buys 2 metres wide canvas, cuts it in half and so he gets these dimensions. That’s why this Blue Box Exploding painting is the same size as if it were painted by Vincent van Gogh himself.

Blue Box Exploding painting – vincent van gogh – doctor who

The colours.
At first I planned to create this painting exactly as seen in the TV series (as in this episode screencap).

But as I started to paint, I realized that Van Gogh would not paint it this way, that these are not the colour hues he would have used.

To explain this: before I started working on this painting I’ve studied his letters and painted a few copies of his paintings, so I had an overview of what colours he used. And that’s why I was convinced that real Vincent would capture the explosion more colourfully, more brightly.

It seemed to me the painting would look too dull if painted only using yellow and blue (and black). (And none of Vincent’s painting is dull!) Moreover, why paint an exact copy of something which isn’t even a real original painting in itself. It’s better to paint my own „original“ ;-)
So I used the painting seen in TV series as an inspiration but I’ve adjusted the colours a bit.

exploding tardis – van gogh – doctor who

exploding tardis – vincent van gogh - doctor who
Exploding tardis painting– vincent van gogh – doctor who

Bonus pic:
Work in process (& you can see the pictures that served as examples for my painting).

Blue Box exploding - painting


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